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Changing My LJ

So.. I've had this LJ for a while...
and I never update it...
and I no longer do the crab walk very often...
So I made a new LJ...
My nombre is lovemusic_life ....
Maybe I'll update more...
I don't know...
OK bye~!

back to being a freshman

Well, i moved into my dorm (Woodhall 105), Sunday, after church... 
And since then my head has been spinning... so I'm just going to bullet the events...
- move in
- meet roommate Emily and her family
- eat at the commons with mi familia
- meet with the other Woodhall-ers and our RA
- shower and sleep (i couldn't sleep til 3am...)
- wake up
- meet with the Woodhall-ers
- walk to our dean's welcome in the event center where I met Mike(?) from Balin
- picked up my class schedule
- met Andrea from church
- got my UCI ID.. finally
- ate lunch at the Adrich Park Club Fair BBQ
- met some people from Christian Students at UCI, including Amy whom I spoke to over the phone with during the summer
- more lookin around
- went back and forth from the bookstore to my dorm 4 times
- went to dinner with my roommate and her dancer friend Jessica(?)
- went to the KCCC ice Cream Party and met Joyce(?), Christina, Eric & Craig (the twins), & Sean
- went to the HSSLer meeting with them
- became a part of the frog group for skits
- returned to my dorm
- andy from the 3rd floor lent me his printer (THANK YOU SOOOOOMUCH, you're a life savor!)
- locked myself out of my room
- got a temporary key
- got my key back and then
- took a shower....

I wonder what tomorrow is going to be like...

And to my fellow Woodhall-ers come visit me in my room, I'm in here quite often!

Magazine Scans

I finally finished uploading the "scans" of the following magazines to galleries... Sorry the quality of them aren't so good... it's just really tiring taking pictures of so many pages...

Junior Magazine July 2006
SuperJunior [29], ShinHwa [17], SS501 [12], I-Concert [1], Bi [1], HyoRi [1], LeeJung [3], S.N.A. [7] Total=72pages

Junior Magazine August 2006
SS501[19], ShinHwa [12], Brian [6], HwanHee [4], SuperJunior [21], MinKyungHoon(BUZZ) [6], S.N.A. [12], Uptown [5] Total=85pages

Cindy the Perky July & September 2006
BoA [4], LeeMinGi [3], KimOakBin [3], Tim [2], SS501 [1], SuperJunior [5] Total=16pages

Past upload... * added The A.D. and I-Concert Review *
Syndrome Magazine July/August 2006
SuperJunior [25], TVXQ [7], SS501 [12], The A.D. [9], I-Concert [1] Total=54pages

Please comment if taking any of the pictures because I left them unmarked so that you can make graphics with them without having any print in the way ^^

Syndrome Magazine July/August Issue

Some of you may have already seen these but here are "scans" from the July/August Issue of Syndrome Magazine. Some of the pages came out dark because, well unfortunately I don't have a scanner so I just took pictures of the pages...

Number of pages of...
SuperJunior 25
SS501            12
TVXQ               7

The pictures are in this gallery
Syndrome Magazine July/August Issue

If anyone wants "scans" of Junior Magazines July or August issue just let me know... They feature: SS501, Super Junior, Mr.S.N.A., and others... except no TVXQ

Not going to Prom

Lately I've been having a fight with myself about whether or not I should go to Prom and I've finally decided not to... I have more reasons not to go than to go...
Reasons to go:

1. I didn't go last year to go this year
2. Sirena, Natalie, & Annie are going
3. It's SENIOR PROM... not that our schools dances are all that great but still it's the last one...
Reasons not to go:
1. $... since I'm one of those split all costs person... that's the ticket, dress, shoes, hair/makeup, accessories, nails, corsage that I got to pay for ...
2. it's just a dance that i will not care about in like a couple months
3. once again our school's dances aren't that great.
4. Susan isn't going either
5. We're going to a Korean Concert on the same day ^^
6. The total costs to go to the concert is less than what it would cost to go to prom

TVXQ Tutorial

I always said that I would talk more about my fav. korean boy band TVXQ but i never found the time.. well right now i want to waste 15 mins so yea... here goes...

WARNING: if you have dial up like me it may take a while for all 18 pics to load... 

While I'm at it...
POP SHOW 2006 has arrived!
Who: Infusion, Enchantment, & A'Capella
What: singin' and dancin'
Where: in the hideout
When: April 6, 7, & 8 @ 7pm
Cost: $7 presale in the choir room at lunch, $8 at the door

Mar. 8th, 2006

stolen from annie

for girls only survey
DO IT, its a girl survey.

01. Eyeliner or mascara?

02. Louis vuttion or dooney & bourke?
louis vuttion

03. AE or Hollister?
neither, paul frank!

04. Dolce and Gabanna or Louis Vuttion

05. Skirts or pants?
skirts.. i know didn't expect it huh.. heehee

06. Socks or leggings?

07. Hoodies or jackets?

08. Heels or sneakers?
sneakers, esp. if paul frank ^^

09. Straight or curly hair?

10. Hoop or dangling earrings?
dangling but only to a certain extent

11. Side bangs or one lengthed?
side bangs

12. Gemma Ward or Adrianna Lima?
who are they?

13. Your best color: White or black?

14. Victoria's Secret or Bath and Body Works?
neither smelly stuff makes me dizzy

15. Smoothies or lattes?
smoothies, i don't react well to anything w/ caffiene

16. Diet or regular sodas?

17. Water or daquiris?

18. Pearls or diamonds?

19. Vintage or hobo?

20. Marykate or Ashley Olsen?

21.chocolate or vanilla?

22. Ipod or cell phone?

23. Friends or family?
honestly... family

24. Lip gloss or chapstick?
chapstick but only wheni must

25. Manicure or pedicures?
never had either

26. Mac or sephora?
mac? iono

27. Tiffany's or chanel?
no se

28. Love or peace?

29. Sunglasses or purses?
i like to say bags... since all my "purses" are huge ^^

X what you have:
[ ] a tiffany's bracelet.
[ ] a Louis vuttion purse
[x] a coach purse
[x] anything dior
[x] a computer.
[x] a cd player.
[x] a stereo.
[x] a spice girl cd.
[x] a cosmo girl magazine.
[x] a teddy bear.
[ ] a build a bear.
[ ] an American eagle purse.
[x] hollister jeans.
[x] a hot topic shirt.
[x] a cell phone.
[ ] an aeropostale shirt.
[ ] the mean girls dvd.
[ ] a TV in my room.
[x] a big bed.
[ ] diamond earrings.
[ ] a pearl necklace.
[ ] a prom dress.
[x] a book.
[x] a myspace.
[ ] curious perfume.
[ ] g-unit sneakers.
[x] a black shirt.
[ ] abercrombie skirt
[x] converse
[x] diary or journal
[x] pink nail polish

Girl Knowledge:

Do you know exactly where the blush goes?

Would you say you know how to put on make up?
i could do show choir stage makeup

Do you know how to french braid?

Do you have a specific color of cover up or foundation you wear for your skin?
yes but i don't use it and it doesn't really match my skin tone

Do you wash your face at least once a day?

Do you use an eyelash curler?
only for performance type days

Do you use water proof mascara?
for choir and stuff

Does toothpaste really help acne?
wouldn't know

How many times a day do you apply lipgloss?

Update FINALLY heehee

hello everyone who actually reads my lj updates ^^

currently at Little Shop of Rehearsal we're going til 9pm today... so while i'm talking about the musical...

When: March 9, 10, 11, 16, 17, & 18 @ 7pm
Where: A-14 the LIttle Theatre
Who: RHS's Drama and Choir Dept.!
Tickets: $8 presale... $9 at the door
Leads: Johnny C., Diana L., Anghel P., Carmichael C., Kat M., Lauren H., Lisa H., Vicky R., Angel C., & Kassy F.

anyways... Infusion's next competition is this Saturday @ Los Alamitos so come support! it might be our last competition of the year!


RHS ROC presents POP SHOW 2006
When: April 6, 7, & 8 @ 7pm
Where: in the Hideout
Who: Infusion, Enchantment, A'Capella, and others
Tickets: TBA

So far I have "infected" 3 people with the tvfxq disease hee hee
1. Ally Liu (her favs... YunHo & ChangMin (the boy on my icon))
2. Billy Taing (his fav... JaeJoong)
3. Susan Lee (her favs... YooChun & ChangMin)
if you still don't know... TVfXQ is my fav. korean boy band... they were on channel 18 yesterday ^^
I'll stop for now bc i can't use the "hide thing" on this comp... i'll tell ya'll more later...

testing lj-cutting

star wars-a-thon was at marco's today but i had to leave during episode 4 bc that was when i had a ride.. but yea.. watched straight through I, II, III, and part of IV... it makes more sense when you watch them in order... here are some pics of how marco's house was transformed for this occasion
here is the cutCollapse )

 so let's see if this worked  ... *^^v*

December Pictures!

just go to my myspace blog.. aqui

or go to my xanga.. but it might not show up and will just lead you back to my myspace blog =P